Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,

Well, what to do on a hot summer day?

Around here alot of people head to the beach and take on the sights and sounds of summer. Some head for the cool shade of the surrounding forest's canopy away from the sweltering heat and crowds. But like a few locals, fishing, people watching and icecream all in one place.we head for the ocean where the salty breeze is welcome along with some icecream.

An informal poll was taken and the results for this question
" Where is the best icecream? " are in.

For the best hard icecream in town, the winner is the Discovery Pier concession ,this is a single scoop waffle cone ! serving waffle cones with a view unlike any other icecream parlor or stand. If you prefer soft-serve, there is the local Dairy Queen down town as well as some fast food restaurants but the best tasting soft icecream is located at Nite-time News located in Willow Point near the Seawalk.

A word of caution, with this hot weather your treat will melt fast so get ready with the wet ones or wolf it down and hang on for that brain freeze.....



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