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For Immediate Release: First Nations Celebrate the Homecoming 2000 Celebration.

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000

The Salmon Festival Society, Wonders of the Wild, and local First Nations
are working on the Homecoming 2000: Return of the ‘Tyee’ Musgrave Salmon
celebration” recreating the era when Sir Richard S. Musgrave caught the
magnificent salmon, on a fishing expedition in 1896 from England.

“The celebration is coming together beautifully,” said Kathy Geer,
Coordinator of the Salmon Festival Society. Mike Moss, of B.C.’s Wildlife
Studios in Campbell River, is busy putting the finishing touches on his
salmon replica to recreate exactly what the Musgrave Tyee looked like, and
construction of the 1896 First Nations village and Sir Richard Musgrave’s
camp continues to develop.

“We are proud to be a part of this local celebration. We feel that it is
particularly important to incorporate local First Nations into the
celebration as they historically represent a significant element of Campbell
River’s heritage and identity, says Wonders of the Wild Assistant
Coordinator Tricia Scavarda. Local First Nations will have their own site on
the grounds that will be filled with First Nations artists and cultural
teachers. Vern Price is creating a mock front of a First Nations big house,
and various artists will be demonstrating and displaying their cultural
heritage through various mediums, such as pottery, bead making,
woodcarvings, and more.

Laverne Puglas will also be on hand demonstrating to the public how to make
traditional bannock and Indian Soapberry Ice-cream. The history of bannock
making dates long ago as it was an important staple of the daily First
Nation’s diet. The original method of cooking bannock was on an open fire,
using either cedar sticks or a cast iron frying pan.

The First Nations also used soapberries for making their ice cream, which
was preserved in jars for seasonal food supply. Soapberries are commonly
found in places like Bella-Coola. These berries were often traded with
other neighboring tribes.

The Laichwiltach Culture Group will also partake in the festivities,
delighting the public with their “Ladies Professional” dance. The dance
spotlights First Nations ladies that have been specially chosen by the
Hamasta’ (Wild man of the woods.) These ladies represent the Hamasta’ by
using the same hand movements. The Klas sa’ lah, or peace dance, will also
be performed. This dance is used by the First Nations Chiefs and usually is
danced using eagle down feathers. It is said that is a feather lands on
you, it is a sign of good luck.

The Homecoming celebration is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of August,
during the annual Salmon Festival, which boasts a great line up of stars and
activities. Over 10 bands will play, with country superstar Paul Brant as
the headliner. Other activities include: the second largest Loggers Sports
Competition on Vancouver Island, children’s events and entertainment, senior
’s events, Suds Runner Derby, Community Corner, outdoor trade show, and arts
& crafts. In addition, Canada’s only aeronautical parachuting team “The
Skyhawks” will be performing on Friday and Saturday, with exact times to be

For further information, please call the Campbell River Salmon Festival
Society at 287-2044.

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