Campbell River, British Columbia

The main enterance to our new Community Centre

Well it's finally finished and after 9 months and a cost of 4.4 million, this new building has been renamed

Campbell River Community Centre

 This new building replaces the old community hall and increases its square footage to over 30,000 sq.ft.
With five rooms upstairs of the two story complex, there is lots of activities available for people of all ages. Replacing the old hall with a more modern one which includes larger offices, a kitchen, change rooms and a oversize gym that can be walled off to create 2 recreation areas for sports or social gatherings.

days gone by, our previous communty hall

 Compared to the old building, this newer design is quite pleasing to most users. The hallways are wide and the elevator is available for those less mobile accessing the upper activity rooms. hallways wide enough for large crowds...The upper hallways have a view looking down into the gym area or lobby. There is two main entrances and the halls feature numerous chairs and couches for those inclined to rest their weary feet or to hold court.

 Everything is better, except for the gym. The floor is great and the new hoops are a bonus, but the viewing is terrible. Back in the old gym there was a seating area for parents and spectators to view the happenings of the floor. This new gym has no area.... word is that more movable bleachers are on order, but you lose floor space in return for those seats.

 Players spare sports equipment and bags encroach on the playing surface, especially if you are playing soccer or floorhockey. It seems that the net sports will do OK, but the sports that use the entire surface will suffer from the tight surroundings. The movable wall that splits the gym requires two operators to open or close it and the ceiling does come into play during volleyball if you are in the eastern side.have a seat

 Still overall the gym is better than it's predecessor. You don't have to worry about the puddles of water when it is raining and the heating is much better. Change rooms are a great addition and the comfy seats in the hallways are definitely getting used. Water fountains are nearby and the new restrooms are thousands times improvement over the old facilities.

the view of the old gym with viewing area the view of one half of the new gym

 Overall, in this writer's opinion,
Campbell River has a new and improved community centre and will be enjoyed by all.

The Official Grand Opening is slated for this February 14th weeklong.

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