Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,

Oh , it's that time again.


 Fall is approaching and the blackberries are ripe for the picking! There's the scent of berry jam and pies wafting in the air as locals head for the wild berries that are plentiful in our area.

 Luckily for most of us the trip can be just across the street to the nearest wooded lot or for some a trip into their own backyards. Others spend the five or ten minutes to drive to the forest where berries are coveted by both humans and wildlife. Gotta be careful though, as bears are feeding on the delicacy before their winter hibernation.

 There's nothing like fresh picked berries on soft ice-cream to remind one of the great benefits of living in paradise.... Those of you that have indulged in this feast understand, and those that haven't, oh.. you are missing out on one of life's little pleasures.

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