Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,

Tori Gate at Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park, nestled across the street from the Campbell River Museum
on the ocean side hides a view that few tourists and locals know about.
looking up from the beach at the caves

 Beneath the park under the steep bank lies a series of caves, caves that for years have been the play area of teens that partied click on pic for a larger viewon the beach at night during the summer on pic for a larger view The caves are not deep, but some can accommodate up a half dozen bodies from the rain as well as the eyes of others. One well hidden cave actually has a small passage to another cave. There is graffiti on the walls along with the usual debris left behind after parties.



Access is is via a set of steps that are just behind the Tori Gate. One must walk the ground to find it and a mere
2 minutes later, you are on the beach.

Another landmark in the park is partially hidden by the garden surrounding it.

It is a cairn in memory of the miners killed at the Westray Mine back in
Nova Scotia, and in memory of the lives lost by local miners killed at Westmin
in the course of providing a living for their families.


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