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We welcome Thelma Silkens as one of our columnists, she will be writing about Campbell River's past and present,
as she works for the local museum and will be entertaining us with stories of days gone by and current offerings by the museum.

Fred Nunns Journal

Frederick Nunns, originally from Ireland, came to the area in 1887. He homesteaded on the south bank of the Campbell River about a mile from the mouth, near the present site of the Quinsam Hotel.

Fred Nunns' journal can be found in the Archives of the Museum at Campbell River.

Spring 1892

Tuesday April 12 : Blowing and raining, blew hard yesterday. One of my sows has pigged out.
Wednesday Apr 13 : Blowing all day. Found my sow and 8 little ones. Went along our survey line.
Thursday Ap 14 : Blowing and raining all day, night. Planted out some strawberries.
Monday Ap 18th : Fine. One of my sows has eight little ones.
Wednesday Ap 20 : Started to go to Comox with 11 pigs. Called at Cove. Pidcock made up his mind to come with me so we took his big canoe. Got to Oyster Bay, wind got strong from SE, had to wait. In evening got into Oyster River and stayed night.
Thursday Apr 21st : Blew hard from SE all night and all morning. Borrowed tent from Anderson. In evening wind went down, got canoe down river with some difficulty and travelled till midnight when we got to Little River and camped.
Friday Apr 22nd : Fine. Started at daybreak. Met Pacey going up to take possession of Hill's ranch which he has bought. Got into Comox 10 a.m. and had dinner there and then went up with canoe to the mill. Got letters, one from Holmes, offering $4000 cash for 400 acres of our land, one from Larry and Flint. Made pen at mill and put pigs in. Had tea with Mr. Wilmer . Got back to mill midnight so slept in shed.
Saturday : I forgot to put down last Tuesday the house got afire. Luckily I was in at time and managed to put it out. 36 square feet of roof destroyed. Sold five pigs for $14. Had dinner with McPhee. Courtenay is booming.
Monday Ap 25 : Got down to wharf, blowing from SE. Had dinner and got away 3 p.m. Got to Miller's before dark and pitched camp.
Tuesday Ap 26th : Fine. Started daylight and got up to Cove 6 p.m.
Wednesday Ap 27 : Fine. Slept at Pidcocks last night. Started home 7 a.m. found everything all right. In afternoon started to repair house.
Thursday Apr 28 : Fine. Finished repairing house and started work on fence.

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