Campbell River, British Columbia
We welcome a column in the form of poems and stories written by students of Timberline Secondary School.
These students are from Justus Havelaar's writing class, and have many of their works published on their own website.
With their permission we have posted just a sample here with a link to their site if you wish to read more of the class's work.

The Cat
By Jessica McCutcheon

Cautiously watching the bee
Buzz around the room.
Casey makes his little chirping noise.
He stalks the bee.
In the blinking of an eye,
He flies effortlessly through the air.
He falls off the table,
On to the kitchen floor.

I don't know who came up with the idea,
But cats are not graceful!

The Rose
by Chelsea Wilson

At one point
The rose was vibrant and beautiful.
It stood out from the rest of the garden.
Its petals were as red as rubies,
And smooth as the ocean on a calm day.
Its stem was bright green,
And its thorns were needles.
It got a lot of attention.
But as its colour began to fade,
It was now left alone.
With no water or love it began to die
And wither away.
Before long its brown and crinkled petals
Blew away into the wind.
And the rose lay to rest.

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