Campbell River, British Columbia
We welcome contributing columnist, Iain-Jamie Peterson.
Iain also writes for one of our local newspapers and has allowed us to reprint some of his writings here.

Caledonian Corner

Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve found that once again it is time to check out the “old” Christmas decorations. I would think that many Campbell Riverites will be checking their attics and storage areas to see how the decorations have weathered another year being stored away.

Outside lights have to be checked for bulb replacement or whether it would be cheaper to buy a new string of lights as opposed to purchasing replacement bulbs.

Let’s face it, interior decorations are easy, compared to scaling the ladder with strings of lights in hand battling Mother Nature’s latest offering. On the practical side, it also gives you a chance to check out the eavestroughs and dump out all the soggy fallen leaves. It’s easy to see why people leave their lights up for quite a period of time after Christmas, as it took so darn long to put them up in the first place.

This year we are planning regular lights interspersed with those dangling one-colour white ones. They look like hell in the daytime, but as soon as darkness sets in, they are truly worth the trouble of putting up as they give off soft borders of light highlighting a house’s exterior.




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