Campbell River, British Columbia
We welcome contributing columnist, Iain-Jamie Peterson.
Iain also writes for one of our local newspapers and has allowed us to reprint some of his writings here.

Caledonian Corner

 A few years ago, I took a trip over to the west coast of Vancouver Island. I had heard so much abut visiting the many beaches when winter winds brought in the long rolling swells of the Pacific Ocean.

 My '76 MGB was in good a condition as I could get it and I was looking forward to a leisurely drive down to Qualicum Beach, over the hump to Port Alberni and thence onto Pacific Sands Beach Resort about eight kilometres north of Long Beach.

 The only minor problem I ran into was west of Sproat Lake, on a particularly winding, curvy piece of road where a Cadillac "battleship" was giving me red eye from the constant use of the brake pedal as the car negotiated the many curves of the road. It certainly wasn't a road for the easily intimidated but at least there were no potholes, just the occasional rockslide to keep you on your toes.

 A cabin on Cox Beach was to be my home for three days. From here I was just a short distance from Tofino where I had most of my meals.

 The west coast weather cooperated magnificently as the wind howled and the rain came down in buckets. I had good rain gear and rubber boots to stomp around Long Beach and Cox Beach.
The Pacific breakers pounded in and added a few more logs sticking up on the back of the beach.
I virtually had the beach to myself, that is, apart from the occasional swooping sea birds.

 I made my first trip into Tofino and was pleasantly surprised as to the lack of tacky tourist haunts. Tofino's wharf is the gateway to Clayoquot Sound and Meares Island, a short water-taxi ride away.

 Well, my three-day "Walk on the Wild Side" is now but a distant fond memory. The MGB was perhaps not quite so happy as the engine was sputtering quite badly. Fortunately, in the trunk of my car I kept an ungodly amount of "first-aid" for the car. In this particular case I simply plugged in the hair dryer and dried off the moisture in the distributor cap. The engine was soon purring away as I blasted off back to Campbell River.


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