Campbell River, British Columbia
We welcome a column in the form of poems and stories written by students of Timberline Secondary School.
These students are from Justus Havelaar's writing class, and have many of their works published on their own website.
With their permission we have posted just a sample here with a link to their site if you wish to read more of the class's work.

Rachel's Cabin
By Stephanie Wilson

My heart was racing, my eyes were watering and my body was stiff with fright. The speed I was going on my bike increased, as I neared the end of the largest hill in Quadra. I used my brakes slightly so I would slow down but they made no difference. The trees were just
a blur as I soared past them. As I neared the end of the hill I saw Gill fly off her bike and land in the ditch. I was moving extremely fast and Gill's fall made me lose my concentration and think about her. I remember thinking what is going to happen to me? I will crash for sure. I flew off my bike and skidded five feet. Gill saw me coming and moved just in time. I would have hit her! Then we would have been in way worse shape. In the meantime Alli was racing towards us and was able to slow down enough that she could stop without crashing.

We all started looking around and were discovering scrapes and bruises. It was then that we realised Gill had scraped up her knee really bad and had massive, dark purple bruises on her thighs and back from landing on her handlebars. I had big cuts on my knees, elbows and stomach. When I went to get up I fell back down again. My wrist was in a weird looking position that I could not change. It had two lumps, one on either side. I yelled at my friends to get a slushy drink but they were freaking out, not knowing what to do.

After a minute Alli started to calm down and she got the drink. I rested it on my arm like an ice pack to prevent any swelling I could. That was the end of our cabin trip and the beginning of a new adventure.

I remember how scared I was when I realised there was no way I could ride my bike and we were not walking distance to Rachel's cabin or our destination, the ferry. It would take Alli and Gill at least an hour to bike back to the cabin but they wouldn't leave me alone.
"I'll go back to get Rachel's family," Alli insisted. "No Alli, what if you fall on one of the hills? I think we should wait and pull over a car. These hills are steep. You could end up falling." I stated. "Steph is right. We'll just wait for a car." Gill said. We decided to flag down a car. We waved but the car didn't even slow down; it just drove by as the people
waved. We decided we needed really needed some fast help so Gill and Alli got on the road and made it obvious we wanted the next car to stop.

In it was a very nice family Mike, the dad, Sundae, the mom, and Trew and Cyrus, the two kids. Mike drove off to get an ambulance while Sundae and the kids sat with me. Then Sundae flagged down another truck to give Alli, Gill, and our bikes a ride. After about half an hour the ambulance finally came. I said thanks and bye to them and I was
loaded into the ambulance.

I was taken to the hospital where I was met by my mom and sister, Nicole. I knew my arm was broken so I thought I would get a cast and be good as new. I was wrong. I was told that I had to have surgery in Comox so my mom and I left, hoping that I could get
surgery that evening. If I couldn't have the surgery I would have to stay overnight.

When we got there we found out that I could have surgery that night so I could go home afterwards. I went for surgery at about 10:00 PM and it was about a twenty minute procedure.

They put me to sleep with a needle and I slept for about forty minutes. I woke me up and it was kind of scary because they had put my cast on while I was sleeping so I had a cast on one hand and tubes going in the other.

Some people have asked me if I regret going and I can honestly say no. There were too many fun times and memories. Besides I can't change the past; I can only better the future.

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