Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Mary Teer

West Coast villages for small inhabitants.
Dwellers of sand & sea, moss & trees.
Enjoy with your own imagination,
nature's wonderful world.
Driftwood By Design

Driftwood sculptures created by Mary Teer.

A Campbell River resident for the last 35 years, Mary has created art from flotsam found along the shores of our local beaches. Transforming the odd shaped pieces of driftwood and worn glass into homes for Hobbits.

She calls her creations, Hobbitats. Comprised of driftwood and glass massaged by the ocean currents and beach rocks, Mary collects her material from the ocean shores and carts it back home where she cleans and dries her latest prize findings.

After glueing the major pieces of driftwood together creating the basic structures of her homes, Mary then spends her time creating the tiny doors and windows from smaller pieces of flotsam to adorn her newest Hobbitat. Flowers, moss, and sometimes seaweed are used to add that extra touch of realisism as if the fairytale Hobbits were actually living in her creations.

Mary has created several custom Hobbitats for specific clients and has created others to be sold at craft fairs. Hobbitats can be designed to be hung on walls or as a free standing work of art.
Sizes range from 6" square bases and up.

All Hobbitats are one of a kind and are designed to be placed in a outdoor setting, as well as being used as a focus piece in the home.

You can contact Mary Teer at (250) 286-6488