Campbell River, British Columbia

Welcome to North Island Links wallpaper page. Photos are courtesy of Audrey Hunt, a local photographer capturing views of Campbell River through the lense of her camera.

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 Historic BCP45

 Here we have photo of returning Historic fishing vessel BCP45, which was based out of
Campbell River during it's commercial fishing life and was featured on the back of the Canadian five dollar bill during 1973-1986. The boat will be restored and housed in the new Rotary Maritime Centre.

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 Man and His horse

 The Man and His horse is Ron Cameron from Merville, with his Arabian Mare. The picture is taken with a 500 mm f/8 Tameron lens. The distance of the shot is aprox. 150 yards. The blur is caused by the pollen and bugs in the air.

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 Campbell River's Discovery Pier

An aerial shot of Campbell River's Discovery Pier.
A popular spot for spincasting fishermen and onlookers alike. The concession helps cool off the pier patrons with their famous waffle cones and offerings of other delectable treats.

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